As wedding photographers, we have the opportunity to capture some of life's most beautiful moments, and Sarah and Stephen’s wedding at Nestldown in Los Gatos, California was no exception. Nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains, this enchanting venue provided the perfect backdrop for our couple's special day.

The lighting at the wedding was simply stunning, casting a magical glow through the redwood trees onto the entire ceremony and reception. 

One of the most unique and memorable aspects of this wedding was the mariachi band that the bride and groom hired to perform during their ceremony. They did a beautiful rendition of “Ave Maria.” The addition of the mariachi band was a perfect reflection of their personalities and style.

One of the most memorable moments was the exchange of vows, as the bride and groom shared heartfelt words of love and devotion. As the sun set behind them, their love radiated through every word they spoke, and we were honored to be there to capture it all.

The bride and groom's friends and family were also a joy to work with, and their support and love for the couple shone through every interaction. From the tears of joy to the laughter and smiles, we were able to capture the true essence of this couple's love story.

If you're looking for a truly magical wedding venue, Nestldown is the perfect choice. With its enchanting setting and stunning lighting, it's the perfect backdrop for a truly unforgettable wedding day.