Carinne and Jason Kirigin Cellars Wedding

Carinne and Jason were first referred to us by a friend and we immediately enjoyed their presence and energy. When they told us that their wedding is going to be at Kirigin Cellars in Gilroy, we were even more excited because we love Hannah; one of the coordinators there.

Nestled in the outskirts of Gilroy, Kirigin Cellars provides a beautiful beautiful rustic winery that doubles as a venue space for weddings, parties, engagements and surprise proposals (upcoming blog). The clubhouse is beautifully filled with wine-colored floors and tall ceilings that can be used to transform into whatever theme you have in mind.

They both got ready in separate rooms that were just next to each other. This built the anticipation for the first look and it was not a letdown. Along with the traditional first look, Carinne also wanted to do a first look with her dad because family is really important to both of them. There were so many backdrops for great group photos and we utilized the tall trees with the backlighting of the sun to create a dreamy feel and the rustic wall of one of the buildings to contrast their dress and suit colors. The fun part about this wedding was the bridal party being themselves and singing while walking and it made for beautiful documentary photography moments. Also, it was fun just to join in with them in the singing.

As guests arrived and enjoyed a little wine from the vineyard. The ceremony site was ready for them and their ceremony. During the ceremony and reception, there wasn’t a dry eye anywhere to be seen. The stories that were told and the memories that were shared were a once in a lifetime experience. Another once in a lifetime experience is seeing a groomsman come out dancing in a chicken outfit. These two love their families and friends dearly and it showed all day long. Surround by friends as see in the last two photos, these two are set to create more memories with a strong foundation under them. From South Africa to America, these two have found a love that no ocean can separate.

We are honored to be able to witness this day and to photograph their wedding. Wishing you guys with love and joy for your new endeavor.