Louv and Muy San Francisco City Hall Wedding


Louv and Muy had their wedding ceremony at San Francisco City Hall on a beautiful sunny day and that fitted their personalities perfectly. Even with the uncertainty of the process of how to get married at City Hall, they were full of light and excitement underneath the nervousness. Thankfully their close family members were around to support and help them through the process from tying his tie, making sure her white dress was perfect to paperwork and picking the location. Their family is absolutely important to them and they wanted them around to witness this one in a lifetime moment.

The San Francisco Bay Area is very lucky to have an iconic building like City Hall. San Francisco City Hall’s Beaux-Arts architecture presented a classy backdrop for many beautiful photos. The grandness of the upper floors offers an epic look while the stairwells and small corners of the buildings offer an intimate and photojournalist view. Wherever photos where taken, their faces always radiated with joy. They came off as shy in the beginning but when they are around each other, they didn’t care what was around them.

As their family waited for the official moment, they got their paperwork done, location picked and portraits taken. Her dress was lit up by the light coming in from the huge windows and his face lights up anytime he looked at her. They took a moment on the third floor to just enjoy the memory that they are making and that made for a special little photo opportunity. Our photography style is slightly influenced by each couple’s personality. The moments and photos were light and joyous with a sprinkle of softness and beauty. Once the wedding rings were exchanged and sealed with a kiss, they went on their way with excitement and joy. We can’t be more excited for them and what is to come in their marriage. Congratulations to Louv and Muy.

Venue: San Francisco City Hall

Photography: Eric Le and Thien Nguyen - Inspired By Studio